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9u, u3a, 222, 1ui, i, n, lfx, Home Fresh Cut Fruit and Ready to Eat Vegetables Delivery in Singapore - O-asis O-asisonline

Need an extra pair of helping hands?

Our O-asis brands offer services such as fresh cut fruit (Ready to Eat) and fresh cut vegetable (Ready to cook) deliver right to your office and home in Singapore. These will greatly minimize your needs of time, effort and space on pursuing healthy food.

Or if you are healthy conscious party organizer for personal home event, tea break for meeting or Company Fruit Day, we offer you an interesting range of cut fruits and fruity menu such as fruit buffet, fruit fondue, fruit bouquet, fruit pickles and etc. You will be surprised with how interesting and satisfying the fruit parties could be.


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Good Life
Starts With
Good Food


Everything is preserved based on well studied washing steps that removes most of the microbes responsible for food spoilage


You may be attracted with the colorful appearance but everything is the way it is. How? Simply no retention time on the shelf of retailers or supermarkets.


Fruit may become brown after sliced due to oxidation. Here, we treated the fruits with Vitamin C which prevent the fruits from browning. Hence, the quality of the fruit will be similar before slice.


We validate and improvise washing steps and system in a timely manner, eliminating most of the foodborne pathogen that causes illness. “

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