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Nothing Less, Only Better


Established in 2001, U SAY MARKETING PTE LTD has evolved from a fruits and vegetables importer and distributor into a manufacturer of the minimally processed fruits and vegetables over the years.

We specialized in the fresh-cut fruits and vegetables: preparing the Ready-To-Eat (RTE) cut fruits and the Ready-To-Cook (RTC) vegetables for our clients.

Our production plant occupies a total of 40,000 sqf of land area with 11,000sqf built-up area. By having it HACCP and HALAL certified, we ensure that our food safety and hygiene are kept at the highest standards.

Thus we are able to gain the trust of major clients such as SATS, Starbucks, Resort World of Singapore, Sunctec Convention and etc; and our O-asis brand is well recognized for its quality in a few prestigious awards.


Our Products

  • To harness our decades of experience in procurement and food processing to ensure that our final products are presented at their freshest and most hygienic state.

Our Technology & Processes

  • To constantly instil the highest standards of professionalism and standards in production to ensure optimal safety and quality.
  • To continuously enhance our packaging technology to meet the needs of today's busy customers.

Our Customers & Vendors

  • To collaborate and build a strong network to achieve sustainable growth.


Efficiency: We work smart, maximising our resources to achieve the most optimal results.

Quality-Minded: We ensure high standards of hygiene and food safety, and that the products we deliver are at their freshest and best quality.

Integrity: We uphold a spirit of integrity in the way we do business, towards each other and our business partners.

Continuous Improvement: We recognise that learning never stops and always strive to be better at what we do.

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Our Food Philosophy

As O-asis, we always strive to source the top quality ingredients so we can prepare fresh, nutrient-rich products and deliver them right to your doorstep, either ready to eat or ready to cook. We create wellness in life, providing support on food that’s both healthy and satisfying.

Meet Our Passionate Team